February! The month of love! Aaaand I’m not actually planning to read any romances so it honestly doesn’t matter. Anyways, I have 5 books planned for this month, so let’s get into it!

Image result for wayfarer alexandra bracken

1) Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken

This is the sequel to Passenger, which came out last year. I wasn’t a huge fan, but maybe this finale will turn it around!

Image result for the boundless kenneth oppel

2) The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel

This is a story about a train, a murder, and probably other weird happenings. I’ve already started this and it is pretty good so far! I need something not too intense after reading History is All You Left Me( which won’t be on this tbr ’cause I’ve already finished it while writing this), and I think this will be perfect.

Image result for tales from the shadowhunter academy

3) Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare

I’ve been meaning to read this since I purchased it! Hopefully I can get through all these novellas this month, but I’m not stressing it as long as I finish it before Lord of Shadows comes out! Remember, you have to read all of TMI and TID before you read this.

Image result for a monster calls patrick ness goodreads

4) A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Got to read this before I see the movie! All I know about this book is that it will probably make me cry. Sounds fun.

Image result for rise of the evening star brandon mull

5) Rise of the Evening Star(Fablehaven #2) by Brandon Mull

A reread in anticipation for the release of Dragonwatch on March 7. I need to reread 4/5 of this series before then, so maybe if I have time I’ll get to #3 too this month? We’ll see. Fablehaven is a magical and fun middle-grade series about 2 siblings who find out their grandparents live on a reserve for magical creatures. This was one of my favorite series’ as a kid, so I can’t wait to reread these!

That’s it for my February TBR! What’s on your February TBR?

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


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