Overall Rating: 8.5/10

This is the second book of the Witchlands series! Now, I can’t find out how many books this series is going to be, but I am definitely in this for the long haul now. From the characters, to the world, to the exhilarating action scenes, this series is a must read for fantasy lovers.

Once I got into this, I realized I remembered almost nothing from book one. Not wanting to waste any time, I just kinda shrugged and dived in. So after fumbling through the first few chapters wondering wtf was going on, I found myself remembering small snippets and going back to watch some youtube reviews on Truthwitch. Once I had my footing, falling back into the groove of these characters was so easy.

This book, aptly named Windwitch, has a large focus on Merik’s character development. I enjoyed Merik in the first book, and I honestly loved his growth in this book.

Despite the focus on Merik and his mess of a life, we get PLENTY of time with all of our other characters, and even some new ones. Iseult and Aeduan were probably my favorite POV’s in the book, with Merik and his sister Vivia being close behind.

So basically, if you liked Truthwitch, this is a very satisfying second book in my opinion. If you were ‘meh’ about Truthwitch, read Windwitch. This book delves into our characters even more, and has a contrasting kind of vibe from Truthwitch.

The one thing that was slightly annoying about this book was how often we changed POV’s. As soon as I was getting into a storyline it switched to another! Though it did up the suspense for some scenes I’ll admit.

That’s all for non-spoilery things! Read more to see my thoughts on specific plot things.


So I have to start with Vivia in this.

I. Loved. Her.

Seriously, I thought she was gonna be an annoying bitch, but boy was I wrong. She is so conflicted with her own personality and her want to harness that ‘Nihar rage’ that her father and brother posses. I was convinced she had sent Garren to kill Merik for most of this book, and yet I still found myself liking her character. She reminded me a bit of Lada from And I Darken, with her fight between who she is and who she believes she should be for her family and kingdom.

It was really interesting to learn about her mother and how she influenced Vivia in her childhood. I’m curious as to how she really went mad and what that really entailed, and I hope we learn more about her in the future!

I think the point where I really started humanizing Vivia is when she mentions her crush on her first mate, Stix. Kind of reminded me that ‘Hey, this is just a girl who has feelings and struggles like everyone else’. Needless to say I ship it and I hope we get to see more of Stix and her Waterwitchery next book!

Merik Nihar, prince of Nubrevna and former admiral to the Nubrevnan navy, wished he’d considered dying and long time ago. -pg 14

Merik Nihar, prince of Nubrevna and former admiral to the Nubrevnan navy, wished he’d considered living a long time ago. -pg 373

These two quotes perfectly encompass how Merik’s character evolved. We open the book with Merik ship being blown to hell after an attempted assassination by Garren, some creepy dead dude. Merik somehow ‘survives’ the blast and makes his way to shore and meets up with Cam, one of his crew. I was really distrustful of Cam at first, but HE(i am so here for transgender characters) really grew on me! Cam and Merik’s relationship is kind of everything to me. Even though Cam had some secrets, in the end Merik would be dead without him. Because Merik is reckless af.

I loved Merik’s arc of becoming the ‘Fury’ and fighting for the poor and forgotten of Nubrevna. At the end, even though he’ll probably have gnarly burn scars forever, I am very excited to see how he goes through trying to find a cure for his ‘cleaving’. And maybe help Kullen?? Though tbh, I think he’s gonna have to end up killing Kullen, as sad as that will be.

Safi’s POV wasn’t my favorite in this book, but the introduction of the Hell-Bards was very intriguing. I wasn’t sure what to think of Caden and the others, but by the end I think I trust them? I am very interested to find out the extent of their powers and how their Witchery was taken away, and why? I’m pretty sure they will end up fighting with and for Safi by the time she leaves Marstok, but who knows?

I think Safi was right to stick with Vaness, but I still don’t like or trust her. She just seems kind of sneaky to me, but she is helping out Nubrevna so maybe she won’t turn out to be that bad. But still, I do not like her.

NOW. Onto my favs in this series so far. Aeduan and Iseult. They’re so precious I just…I love them so much.

I knew from the beginning that Iseult and Aeduan would team up. Basically I loved everything about them.

I knew once Esme told Iseult how to cleave a witch, she would end up doing it. I am very much looking forward to how her internal struggle with progress, and what will happen when/if she comes face to face with Esme.

Aeduan is the type of character I love. Seemingly scary and brutal, and he is, until you give him something to care about. The slow trust(and possibly more???? please????) building between and him and Iseult is everything to me and I can’t wait to see more of it. I swear if he leaves Iseult and Owl at the Carawen Monastery I’m going to be pissed. But I think they’ll end up sticking together in the long run.

Frankly, Owl kind of freaks me out. She is one scary child. Her witchery is super powerful and mysterious and I need to know the extent of what she can do and where she came from and just everything about her. Hopefully we get lots more of her next book!

That about wraps it up for this book review! In conclusion, Windwitch is an awesome character-driven installment in the Witchlands series. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

*Oh and if anyone knows how many books this series is planned on being, let me know?


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