Overall Rating: 10/10!!!!

So I’ll start out with some non spoiler things:

  • The casting is on-point in my opinion. All the kids fit perfectly, Mr. Poe is appropriately obnoxious, and I liked NPH more than I thought I would!
  • The sets are amazing! They really are perfectly how I imagined them. A lot of work obviously went into these.
  • The theme song is just perfect for this adaptation, enough said.

That’s it for non-spoilery things! Watch the first two episodes and then come back and read my thoughts!

Okay so I don’t really have anything I disliked about this show?? It’s so good so far? I’ve only reread the first 4 books, and I don’t remember what happens that well in the rest, so I don’t know how accurate the whole thing with their parents will be. But I guess I’ll find out when I read the rest of the books this year.

I think they are speeding up some of the mystery plot points with the secret society and foreshadowing(again I don’t really remember how this all fits) but I am a-okay with that and it’s really interesting to see all the little hints around the place!

Another thing I loved is the cast for Olaf’s henchmen! The hook-handed man is hilarious to me and so is the neither man nor a woman character. The dinner scene where they are all enjoying the pasta until Olaf says it was gross cracked me up.

My favorite part of this adaptation is Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket! I love how they integrated the narration and even how he defines words every once in awhile, it just makes it seem very authentic.

Oh my god, one of my favorite bits is when we see how the kids end up with Count Olaf anyhow. I thought it was a perfectly reasonable explanation(seeing as how all the adults in this series are useless) and it fit perfectly in my opinion.

I was totally gonna say something else but now I have completely forgotten what it was(perhaps I’ll rewatch them and remember)! In any case, I am super excited to see where the show goes and I hope it gets more seasons! I’m pretty confident it will though 🙂 Now on to The Reptile Room!


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